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Guardian of the Jungle $MUFA

King Mufasa is the supreme protector of the circle of life. He respects every living animal in the jungle and is on a sacred mission from the ancestors to replenish lost trees in the forests of Africa.

king mufasa

The Kings Project

From the enduring philosophy that is the circle of life comes Mufasa, the King of all Meme Tokens. Mufasa $MUFA is a decentralized, community-driven, and charity-conscious meme token. Its powers are derived from its undisputed placement at the zenith of the food chain. However, Mufasa like all the greatest kings in history is also conscious of the burden of responsibility upon it to take care of and respect each member of the Meme Pride. From the soaring eagle to the leaping frog, Mufasa is universally loved and respected among his subjects as much as he loves and bestows his magnanimous charity on them.

Token Distribution
mufasa token distribution
The Ancestral Path
The Ancestral Path

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